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anime_scans's Journal

Anime Scans Community
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Welcome to anime_scans.
Inspired by jrock_scans this community is for scanned images from anime, manga and video game covers, soundtracks, artbooks, etc.


01: Only anime, manga and video game scans.

02: Please do not post a whole volume of a manga, especially if it is licensced in english. You are welcome to post up to Two dozen pages from one graphic novel, but please no more.

03: No screencaps.

04: When posting scans please put them under a livejournal cut.

05: When posting scans please use the below format:
Artist Name
Book/series/etc Title
Publisher (If known)
ISBN (Optional)

06: When requesting scans, please specify:
Artist Name
Book/series/etc Title
Publisher (If known)
ISBN (Optional)

07: Check the directories. If the links in the post listed in the directory do not work then contact the person who posted them. If you recieve no reply within 5 days then feel free to post a request post.

08: When fulfilling requests please create a new post, as it makes it easier to archieve.

09: Do NOT direct link. If you want to share the images then either link to the post or upload it onto your own server.

10: Shounen ai, shoujo ai are allowed as long as there is an appropriate warning. Very mild yaoi and yuri are also allowed, ditto mild nudity.

11: NO strong yaoi, yuri or any kind of hentai. If you try to post hentai you will recieve one warning and if you try again you will be banned.

12: NO flaming other members. Keep things nice and polite please.

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